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YouTube Kids and your Family

Is it dangerous and harmful for your child to be on YouTube Kids? Over the last few months, there has been a trend of parents finding their child viewing disturbing videos on the app during their tech time. This is understandably upsetting to discover as a parent and a reason many parents are wondering how they can protect their child when kid apps aren’t staying kid-friendly. We suggest the following three things to keep everybody safe and connected.

First, it is vital to know that the videos your children are shown on YouTube Kids are suggested by an algorithm. Unfortunately there is not a an employee at YouTube responsible for curating the video content being delivered to your children. The only person who can help your kids curate their content is the person they trust the most – their parent.

Second, you can minimize their exposure to content you are not familiar with. Simply create an account with the ‘Approved Content Only’ setting. This will allow them to only watch videos and channels that are specifically whitelisted for them. You add the videos and the channels you approve of, and those are the only options they have available to them.

And third, we continue to encourage you to enjoy tech as a family. Use it to bond with your children and better understand the technology they are exposed to from their friends. Making the internet and tech a safe place to communicate about between parent and child will only create stronger family ties.

Learn more about YouTube Kids and content settings HERE.

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