Digital Respons-Ability

Research-based digital citizenship education for students, parents, and educators. Contact us to learn about grants that can cover our services in your area.

What is digital citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is the ethical and responsible use of technology. We are all learning how to better cooperate in an increasing digital world. Participating in society online can be empowering if we can navigate tech safely.

Why is digital citizenship important?

The Internet is not confined to one device or place. It is everywhere. Empowering children and the adults who care for them with productive conversation about tech will keep them safe, productive, and capable of using tech as a tool.

Learning Includes

Our curriculum covers students, parents and educators with the intent to empower every person with the tools they need to be good digital citizens. We utilize SEL framework from CASEL in every module.

Helps students stay safe while using tech

Teaches caregivers how to help children have healthy tech behavior

Educators will learn to implement digital citizenship elements and principles utilizing SEL framework.

Digital Citizenship Keeps Kids Safe Online

With students utilizing tech more and more, the importance of keeping them safe online and using tech appropriately is growing exponentially. Students have been told what is right and what is wrong in regards to tech, they know what good and bad behavior looks like online. Our curriculum doesn’t just tell kids what is bad and what is good, it is designed and proven to impact attitudes toward tech. And once the attitude has changed, behavior changes will follow.

Digital Respons-Ability is committed to educating and informing individuals to become empowered digital citizens. We provide education, support programs, and customized services for our professional partners. Through this work we are creating a vision for our community, one that emphasizes knowledge, curiosity, confidence, and competency.





What People Are Saying

“The digital world is becoming more complex and the stakes are getting higher by the day. Having [Digital Respons-Ability] work with teachers and students is a great way to stay up to date and work through the challenges. Keeping up to date with technology is difficult, and understanding the impacts can be even more challenging. [Digital Respons-Ability] is a great resource for schools, teachers, students, and parents to gain actionable insights into the fast moving online world.”

Robert Warren

American Academy of Innovation

“Our hospital recently invited Carrie Rogers-Whitehead from Ditigal Respons-Ability to train our staff. Her presentation directly addressed needs in our community, and she was able to seamlessly adapt her presentation based on our interests and questions. Her engaging and dynamic presenting style made participants feel welcome to ask questions. We would love to have her return to teach us more about this crucial topic.”

Michael Cox

Adolescent Therapist, UNI at the University of Utah

“My students loved your presentation and thought you were great! We hope you will return again to our school for more presentations!”


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