Digital Respons-Ability

Themes: reach goals successfully every time

It’s that time when everyone is thinking about their goals and dreams for the next year. But instead of New Years Resolutions—let’s talk about our New Years Themes.

I first heard about this concept from YouTuber and podcaster CGP Grey. He talks about how New Years resolutions are not helpful because life is unpredictable and people need a more flexible and adaptive way of reaching outcomes. Resolutions also bring up negativity because how often do we fail to reach them? For example we set a goal to lose 30 pounds by the summer. Sounds good, but then what happens when we only lose 19 pounds? Well, instead of celebrating our success we may feel down. A theme is more broad. Instead of “lose 30 pounds” one creates a theme of “physical health.” Then losing that 19 pounds goes under that theme, as well as lowering cholesterol, or decreasing sugar.

I’ve been looking retroactively at Digital Respons-Ability’s theme of 2020, and I’d have to say it was “pivot.” Just like many people and organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic caused us to shift and pivot in new directions. What was your 2020 theme? And what will be your 2021 theme?

Perhaps your 2021 theme will be around technology. Technology has seeped into additional cracks and crevices of our lives in 2020. That may have been great, or distracting. If you aren’t happy about you or your family’s digital behavior, perhaps 2021 can be a theme of “Digital Health.” Or even just broaden that theme to “health” which can include physical, mental and financial health.

Whatever your goals, outcomes, resolutions or themes of 2021 may be—give yourself some wiggle room. Life happens. Little to no one expected that 2020 would have us indoors most of the year. Who knows what 2021 may bring? We may need to “pivot” again. Themes can help you continue to reach those outcomes—and think more broadly about how to get there.

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead
Founder/CEO Digital Respons-Ability