We have help for parents navigating the use of technology in their children’s lives.

We offer digital parenting nights focused on the 3M’s of Digital Parenting™: Model, Manage and Monitor. We break down parenting strategies around technology through developmental stages. We also teach topics such as apps to look out for, digital contracts/family media plans, settings on devices and more. To get an idea of what a Digital Parenting night can teach you, check out this free training.

The digital parenting night is 1-2 hours long and is more of a lecture/discussion presentation rather than just pure lecture. The digital parenting nights can be any size, from a small group to a large audience.

Your can also have one of our professional staff come out to your organization and teach for FREE about the 3M’s™: Model, Manage and Monitor.

Model- Model a healthy digital lifestyle for your children by using technology appropriately. Parents are their children’s first teachers!

Manage- Manage personal information and accounts for young children. As they grow, allow them to become the managers of those accounts and teach them how to use them.

Monitor– Once children have started managing their own accounts, continue to monitor their activity. Pay special attention to any behaviors that risk their personal information.

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We offer Digital Parenting Classes in both English and Spanish. 



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