Digital Respons-Ability

SchoolTube: Safe and secure videos for students and teachers

Have you heard of SchoolTube? 


We recently found them and SchoolTube is user-friendly, intuitive, and safe for school use. 

Teachers and parents alike utilize informational videos to help instruct their children, but perhaps would like to avoid the ads and algorithm of YouTube. It’s also frustrating when you’re trying to show a video to your class, but the school has the website blocked. Enter SchoolTube.

SchoolTube exclusively specializes in K12 video creation, hosting and sharing. Teachers and school administrators use SchoolTube to host and share teaching videos, daily announcement videos, training videos, marketing videos and communications of all types. Plus it’s easy to use.

We at Digital Respons-Ability were hearing from teachers that our supplementary videos weren’t accessible at school because of firewalls. This was frustrating to them and to us. This last year we have been emerging partners with SETDA and discovered SchoolTube as a resource that would be more easily accessible to the schools we work with.

This platform only allows verified K12 educators to join and upload videos. Once we had been verified, we received a login, links to instructional material, and then we got started uploading our content. First we set up an Elementary-aged curriculum channel, then we uploaded our Elementary Supplementary Training Videos and assigned them to that channel. With a simple description of the video and a few searchable tags, we opted to make the videos public and the channel subscribe-able! It was a three-minute process. Quite honestly, it was way, way easier than YouTube uploads.

SchoolTube can be implemented free, supported by school-appropriate ads and sponsors or under a low-cost ad-free subscription plan. They also offer other creative services and virtual classroom tools with plans for teachers, schools and entire districts.  If you’d like to learn more, visit their site.

Overall, we are excited to partner with and utilize SchoolTube. Check out our channels and see what you think: Respons-Ability Channel  and Elementary-aged Curriculum.