Respons-Able Educators Certification Program (REC)



Respons-Able Educator Certificate Program (REC) is Digital Respons-Ability’s professional development program for educators. It is available online, through Canvas. The training program helps teachers embed digital citizenship in their classroom to keep kids safe. For students to be 21st Century learners and be capable and competent in their careers, they must know how to use technology responsibly.

The REC program includes:

  • Strategies and resources for educators to engage with parents
  • 25-30 online courses (equivalent of 1.5 days of in-person instruction)
  • 10 self-study modules
  • Certificate for educators who complete the program and pass the assessment
  • Lesson plans, videos, and other resources
  • Currently being used by federal government in schools around the world

***This is a digital course and distributed through your organization’s LMS ***


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