Digital Respons-Ability

Holidays and Tech Buys

‘Tis the season and the sales are in full swing. Your kids are wanting a new gaming system, but which ones will be the safest for your family, and cause less worry for you in the long-run?

Our gaming system recommendation is a Nintendo system. Their parental controls are user-friendly and intuitive. Want to know how much time your kids are playing on their Switch? It’s there. Set timers to remind your child of their ending tech time – and if they ignore the timers you can use an app on your phone to interrupt play. We don’t know about you, but that’s our favorite parent flex.

If you’re deciding between Apple or Android, the war between the two systems is ongoing and with valid points. BUT, for parental controls and security settings, Apple can’t be beat. The simplicity of the system allows fewer work-arounds for teens and parents inevitably can feel more comfortable. The apps on Apple devices are also less circuitous and the app covers can’t be modified, though they can use bookmarks instead.

In general, we always recommend devices and gadgets that allow safety and activity for children. We love a well-balanced diet of entertainment and learning.

**We are not affiliated with any company, nor do we make any money off of our recommendations.