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Recently I appeared on KUTV morning news to talk Facebook privacy settings. There’s no class you can take on settings, just a variety of different articles and blog posts (like this one) to share how it works. Which is unfortunate, because lax privacy settings affect not only who can see your information, but put you at risk of scammers.

Facebook frequently changes it’s privacy settings, or moves the tabs where you change those settings. For example, you used to be able to update who saw your friends list in Settings. But now you update that setting under the Friends Tab and the little pencil icon next to it.

Facebook privacy post

Facebook also takes advantage of GPS functions like Check-ins. Some devices, like the iPhone have location services automatically turned on unless you check your settings and disable them. Check-ins can be a great way to find your friends or know where they’re at. However, it’s also a great way for those with ulterior motives to find you.

Another privacy setting you should check are your posts. Some posts may be set as public, and can be searchable outside Facebook. If you’ve had Facebook for several years, you might not want some of your earlier (potentially embarrassing) posts out there for the world to see. You can fix this with one click by limiting past posts, although if you wanted some posts public, and others private, you will have to go in and manually change them.

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I try to treat my privacy settings on Facebook like I do other regular occurrences in my life. Just like I schedule a dentist visit every six months, I schedule regular check ins for my Facebook settings. Having regular visits at the dentist prevents cavities and having regular visits to your Facebook settings prevents scams, hackers and keeps your information where you want it.

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