Deepening Digital Citizenship: A Guide To Systemwide Policy And Practice




Get strategies for building the capacity to develop and deliver professional learning to support a systemwide digital citizenship program implementation.

How can education leaders provide comprehensive support to implement key digital citizenship practices? Are we creating one-size-fits-all digital citizenship curriculum? How can we bring together partners from diverse backgrounds and abilities to expand the meaning of digital citizenship? This book addresses all these questions and more, showing educators of all levels how to implement digital citizenship in an inclusive and equitable manner.

The book includes:

  • An overview of organizational approaches to examining digital citizenship on a system level.
  • Ideas for developing policy that is inclusive of all stakeholders.
  • Case studies that demonstrate ways of working with various populations, including youth in care, refugees and individuals with autism and ADHD.
  • Strategies for practicing digital citizenship across a range of ages, abilities and backgrounds.

The book also discusses accessibility in technology and teaching, and offers information about assistive and adaptive technology and how it relates to digital citizenship.


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