Our Staff

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead

CEO/Founder Digital Respons-Ability

When people ask me what my company does, I say 'I make better humans online.' At the end of the day it's a person behind the screen, and Digital Respons-Ability's work is about that person, not the device. We encourage protective factors to prevent dysfunctional behaviors online with students, parents and professionals. This is a big task and it takes all of us to make better humans online.

Karina Gathu

Operations Director

I am currently the Operations Director at Digital Respons-Ability and been with the company for about four years. I have a MA in Communications and have been working in education for over 10 years. The thing I love the most about Digital Respons-Ability is the opportunity to go to schools all over the state and get to the kids. We learn so much from them and love being able to discuss healthy and safe Digital Citizenship practices. Besides being passionate about teaching and education, my family and I are obsessed with soccer. We have seasons tickets to our local team, Real Salt Lake, and obsessively watch and play soccer, all the time.

Kaycie Rodgerson

Administrative Assistant

I have worked as an administrative assistant for over 6 years. Here at Digital Respons-Ability I help coordinate online safety classes, parent nights, and other events, and let others know how they can be safe online and become better digital citizens. I am currently in the modeling phase with my two littles, which keeps me attentive to my activity on all forms of technology. In my free time I love to read, hike, and explore.

Anapesi Ka'ili Brown

Content Marketing Strategist

I graduated from UVU in communications with an emphasis in public relations. My experience in marketing has been mainly in social media marketing and content creation. As a mom of two toddlers, I love being a part of the Digital Respons-Ability team because of it's mission and constant work to make the world a better digital world for my children to be in.

Aaron Yeager


My favorite thing is to teach others how to create. We humans are creators. We create families, we create communities, we create friendships. We can’t fly so we build planes, we can’t jump far so we build bridges, we can’t swim far so we build ships. Individually we are small, but when we work together we are unstoppable.

Susan Jeppesen


I came to Digital Respons-ability through a friendship. Carrie Rogers-Whitehead, who founded the company, was a fellow librarian at Salt Lake County. We worked together on a number of projects that sprang from Carrie’s ideas- seminars for Utah librarians from smaller cities, creating and hosting events like the annual “ToshoCON” anime conference, and outreach to refugee and homeless populations. When Carrie called me and explained about teaching digital citizenship, I saw the critical need for this information. I believe technology is the greatest tool mankind has ever had, and tools of this magnitude require knowledge and training to use correctly and safely. I love technology, and love to see the learning process- when someone’s eyes light up with that “aha” moment- over a new idea or skill. These two passions come together in teaching children become lifelong learners and wise consumers of technology. It is also critical that all ages understand the motivations, research and value behind the information that is now so easy to access. Happy learning!

Jolyn Short


I am an artist, musician, and small business owner. I have been teaching in various capacities for the past 10 years. The main tenet of my business philosophy is to help people get more good things into their lives. At Digital Respons-Ability, I have the opportunity to teach students how to use technology as a source for good. I love this job because it gives me the chance to teach about topics I am passionate about.

Angela Ashbaker


As a trainer with Digital Repons-ability I love teaching how technology can empower both students and families. I have been a special educator for over 7 years and have navigated the wonderful world of technology and how it helps our students with special needs gain greater independence, less anxiety, better academic performance, and improved connection with their classmates. On my off hours you can usually find me with my cat, reading, photographing my travels, and spending time with family.