Our Staff

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead

CEO/Founder Digital Respons-Ability

When people ask me what my company does, I say 'I make better humans online.' At the end of the day it's a person behind the screen, and Digital Respons-Ability's work is about that person, not the device. We encourage protective factors to prevent dysfunctional behaviors online with students, parents and professionals. This is a big task and it takes all of us to make better humans online.

Karina Gathu

Operations Director

It’s really fun being able to go into classrooms and meet all kinds of kids. I love that part of my job is going to different schools all over the state and being able to teach different grade levels. It’s so much fun getting a good discussion out of the kids and just meeting them. They all have fun things to say which makes our interactive curriculum that much more interesting.

Patrick Cunningham

Education Manager

Anapesi Ka'ili Brown

Content Marketing Strategist

I graduated from UVU in communications with an emphasis in public relations. My experience in marketing has been mainly in social media marketing and content creation. As a mom of two toddlers, I love being a part of the Digital Respons-Ability team because of it's mission and constant work to make the world a better digital world for my children to be in.

Kaycie Rodgerson

Administrative Assistant

Angela Ashbaker


Jolyn Short


Aaron Yeager


My favorite thing is to teach others how to create. We humans are creators. We create families, we create communities, we create friendships. We can’t fly so we build planes, we can’t jump far so we build bridges, we can’t swim far so we build ships. Individually we are small, but when we work together we are unstoppable.

Susan Jeppesen


Alyssa Summers