Our Staff

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead

CEO/Founder Digital Respons-Ability

When people ask me what my company does, I say 'I make better humans online.' At the end of the day it's a person behind the screen, and Digital Respons-Ability's work is about that person, not the device. We encourage protective factors to prevent dysfunctional behaviors online with students, parents and professionals. This is a big task and it takes all of us to make better humans online.

Taryn Nenow


I love seeing the “aha” look on the faces of my participants! Once I see that, I know I’ve gotten through. My favorite hobbies are walking/hiking and reading/listening to books and podcasts. After a long day of work I like to clear my mind with some fresh air and something good to listen to and take my mind off of “the crazy”

Aaron Yeager


My favorite thing is to teach others how to create. We humans are creators. We create families, we create communities, we create friendships. We can’t fly so we build planes, we can’t jump far so we build bridges, we can’t swim far so we build ships. Individually we are small, but when we work together we are unstoppable.

Karina Gathu


It’s really fun being able to go into classrooms and meet all kinds of kids. I love that part of my job is going to different schools all over the state and being able to teach different grade levels. It’s so much fun getting a good discussion out of the kids and just meeting them. They all have fun things to say which makes our interactive curriculum that much more interesting.

Picture of Lori

Lori Gillespe


As the mother of two teenage boys, I know first-hand how important digital education is not only for kids, but parents as well. In many ways, I have always been a trainer, teacher, and a life-long learner. My favorite part of being part of Digital Respons-Ability is having conversations with people in all walks of life and learn what they struggle with and need from digital education.

Tay Gudmundson

Marketing Director

I have worked in marketing for over 5 years and love that it has led me to helping educate our children, parents, and educators on how to become better digital citizens. My favorite things include reading books on history, painting, listening to podcasts, and hiking with my family. The best part about working at Digital Respons-Ability is the knowledge I've gained about sourcing claims on social media and how to negotiate tech time with kids.