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Elementary Aged Modules

Here are our modules for Elementary School aged children. These presentations are designed for smaller groups/classes. You can pick which modules you’d like taught in your organization, or pick all of them (which we recommend). Our class lengths vary between 30 minutes to 70 minutes, these time frames can be flexible.

Computational Thinking
Learn basic digital literacy principles about algorithms & the Internet
Online Safety & Ethics
How to be safe online and follow digital laws.
Digital Communication
The best ways to communicate digitally and share our thoughts.
Media Literacy
Critically examine media and learn tools to better evaluate information.
Digital Wellness
Setting boundaries on time and learn the best way to spend your hours.
Using Tech For Good
Learn to set goals on digital use and make a difference online.

Secondary Education

Here are our modules we offer for secondary-aged students. These presentations are designed for smaller groups/classes. You can pick and choose the modules you want taught, or pick all of them (which we recommend). Our class lengths vary between 45 minutes to 80 minutes, these time frames can be flexible.

Media Literacy & History
Why do we share and believe things online? With Internet history and basics
Digital Communication
Learn about the best ways to communicate digitally and digital footprints.
Online Safety and Digital Law
Internet trolling and cyberbullying, protection, empathy, privacy and law.
Digital Empathy
Mindfulness techniques; what is shared online and managing feelings.
Digital Commerce
Online financial scams, budgeting and saving strategies and more
Digital Wellness
How technology can affect sleep and how they can be healthier online.
Preparing For College and A Career
Create a LinkedIn profile, their digital footprint and their dream career
Digital Identities and Goal Setting
Setting goals around their digital behavior; discuss digital identities


Digital Parenting


We have help for parents navigating the use of technology in their children’s lives.

We offer digital parenting nights focused on the 3M’s™ of Digital Parenting: Model, Manage and Monitor. We break down parenting strategies around technology through developmental stages. We also teach topics such as apps to look out for, digital contracts/family media plans, settings on devices and more.

The digital parenting night is 1-2 hours long and is more of a lecture/discussion presentation rather than just pure lecture. The digital parenting nights can be any size, from a small group to a large audience.

Your can also have one of our professional staff come out to your organization and teach for FREE about the 3M’s™: Model, Manage and Monitor.

Model- Model a healthy digital lifestyle for your children by using technology appropriately. Parents are their children’s first teachers!

Manage- Manage personal information and accounts for young children. As they grow, allow them to become the managers of those accounts and teach them how to use them.

Monitor– Once children have started managing their own accounts, continue to monitor their activity. Pay special attention to any behaviors that risk their personal information.

We offer Digital Parenting Classes in both English and Spanish and they are free through the State of Utah.



Want to change the culture around technology in your organization? Take our digital citizenship educator training. We bring our experience working thousands of hours with students into this hands-on professional development.

This training will prepare educators to implementing digital citizenship elements and principles in their classroom and beyond. Completing these classes provides professional and continuing education hours and a certificate for those hours is available in partnership with Utah Valley University for an additional fee.

There is an educator booklet (approx. 60 pages) that goes along with all the topics . It’s an informational workbook that encourages reflection and taking the lessons beyond the classroom. It can be included with an additional cost of $20 per copy, discounted to $15 if it’s over 50 copies ordered.

Topics in the course:

What is Digital Citizenship?
Learn about the nine different elements of digital citizenship and the history of this multi-disciplinary field.
Knowledge Assessment
Understand the framework and standards of digital citizenship and test your own knowledge.
Technology Trends
Discuss how technology trends affect young people and how we should teach digital citizenship.
Gamification and Experiential Learning
Know how the teaching models of gamification and experiential learning can be applied to teaching digital citizenship.
Prevention Science and Technology
Understand prevention science and its framework to help prevent unhealth...
Online Communication
Discuss the best ways to communicate online and digital etiquette.
Teaching Digital Safety and Ethics
Know the dangers on the Internet, trends and how to stay safe and private online.
Healthy Limits around Technology
Learn how to encourage self-efficacy in young people so they set their own limits and boundaries.
Digital Commerce; College & Career Prep
Discuss fintech trends, financial scams and what young people need to know to apply for jobs and colleges online.
Other Digital Citizenship Concepts
Understand the digital law and digital rights and responsibilities.
Digital Citizenship Testing Tools
Learn strategies and resources to test both you and your student’s knowledge of digital citizenship.

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