How to Make Tech Time Deliberate

Imagine for a minute you’re in the middle of your busiest day. It’s a dentist appointment followed by school pick up and soccer practice. You’ve barely had time to eat lunch (if you did), let alone had time to really interact with your toddler. Oh man did that tablet save your sanity today! Right?

Picture of extended family

Recently the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) dropped its no-screens-for-the-first-two-years rule which caught my interest. Not only did it relieve feelings of guilt in this working mom, but it also felt like maybe there are some things our kids can do on devices at a younger age that aren’t damaging. I did a little digging and here is my conclusion: Tech time with kids is great when done deliberately.

For our home, deliberate tech time looks like this – screen time limits on Kindle profiles, tv time limited by casting the shows from my phone to the television. They still get to choose what to play and watch, but I know what they’re playing and watching and get to ask them questions about it later. This is key: use the internet to connect with your child. Explore with them and/or ask questions about what they are experiencing. There are plenty of interactive and exploratory things your child can experience during tech time, and plenty of mindless things that perhaps they need to release stress. And you can be part of all of it.

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