For Immediate Release: July 30, 2019

Digital Respons-Ability

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead

Prevent Child Abuse Utah 

July 30, 2019

Salt Lake City, Utah: Digital Respons-Ability & Prevent Child Abuse Utah Partner to Provide Digital Education to Utah Schools 

July 30, 2019: Digital Respons-Ability and Prevent Child Abuse Utah (PCAU) were awarded a grant through the Utah State Attorney General’s Office to provide online safety training to Utah’s students. The program will provide digital citizenship and parenting classes to schools and organizations across the state. The classes are free of charge. 

“Digital citizenship — the appropriate and responsible use of technology, is important for any 21st century learner.”, said Carrie Whitehead-Rogers, Executive Director of Digital Respons-Ability. “Developing the critical thinking and self-regulation skills to navigate our information-saturated landscape requires collective effort with schools, government, nonprofits, business and more.”, Whitehead-Rogers continued. “We are happy to see the State Attorney General’s Office putting their investment into this important movement. “We hope to create a model other states can follow.”

Prevent Child Abuse Utah has been teaching child abuse prevention education for 37 years. They began classroom internet safety courses in 2006. PCAU’s model of providing child abuse prevention programs with age-appropriate, classroom-based education was consistent with Digital Respons-Ability’s sequential, classroom-based digital citzenship workshops. 

“We are thrilled to work with Digital Respons-Ability”, said Rebecca Virgo, Interim Executive Director for Prevent Child Abuse Utah. “Their evidence-based curriculum and commitment to prevention through education are right in line with the model we’ve been using since 1982. Our statewide network will ensure this information will be available to any school or organization that wants it.”

Digital Respons-Ability is a Utah company who is committed to creating informed and empowered digital citizens. In addition to their children’s courses and parenting classes, they continuously research technology trends and ways to encourage healthy digital behavior. This research and work has been recognized nationally and is featured in a book with Rowman & Littlefield, Digital Citizenship: Teaching Strategies and Practice from the Field.

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