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Filling Gaps in Education: Now offering CEUs

One big reason I started Digital Respons-Ability is because I saw gaps in education

I would teach teens how to make and edit a video on an iPad, but not WHY they should create a video in the first place or what they should do after they make it. I saw an increase textbooks and homework online, but not a discussion on if they were truly the best way to teach students of differing abilities. And I read and participated in discussions on issues like online safety, encouraging soft skills, how to combat cyberbullying…but I didn’t see research on actually HOW to accomplish those goals.

There are gaps between the intent and the outcome, between the action and consequence and the research and the proposed solutions.

I am the first to say I don’t have all the answers. And I have warned students and professionals that if a person comes to you claiming that they have all the answers…you should be wary. Technology is new. Smartphones have only been around for about a decade and we are in uncharted territory on what will happen next.

But what’s not new is human behavior. We still have the same brains as thousands of years ago. We still have the same motivations and desires. Now people are complicated, and we continually learn new things about the human brain. But the instrument is still the same. Technology tools are what are new, not the tool between our ears.

All of Digital Respons-Ability’s curriculum is based on current knowledge of human behavior. We may not know what the next tech tool will be, but we do know the effects of lack of sleep on the brain. We don’t know how virtual and augmented reality will change things, but we understand how our brains are attuned to novelty.

We are working to fill that gap, based on what we know, and for the new research and outcomes we’re generating through our student workshops. And we want to share those outcomes with you. 

Now we offer professional development and continuing education units in partnership with Utah Valley University. I started Digital Respons-Ability’s to address those gaps in a research-driven approach. There’s a lot of work I want to do, but I feel we have made good process and I hope I can continue to work to fill those missing spaces with you.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can address the gaps, and earn professional development and CEUs through the process.

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