Fighting Tech Distractions

We are all surrounded by pinging, notifications, beeps, texts, emails and more. It can be overwhelming!

With all these notifications it’s easy to get distracted. It’s also tempting to multi task, which is shown to decrease efficiency and creativity. It’s an easy cycle to fall in, we start on a project, get distracted, get frustrated, and turn to media or other activities to decrease that frustration level.

There are tech solutions to this problem: browser plugins, apps and more. However, the best solution is in right between your ears: your brain.

Being able to focus and self regulate is an important part of being a successful student and adult. You may have heard of the “marshmallow test” by Dr. Mischel. This experiment tested self control of children through resisting eating a marshmallow.

Tech distractions are like a marshmallow with a topping of sprinkles, whip cream and chocolate. It’s harder to resist! Thus, self control needs to start at a younger age and be modeled through adult behavior.

Some tips to develop self control are:

  1. Exercise self control like a muscle. Start with a few minutes of undivided concentration on a task, then slowly increase it.
  2. Minimize tech distractions. Turn off social media, only use one browser window, or better yet, turn off your phone completely.
  3. Determine your triggers. When do you start getting distracted? What do you turn to when you’re distracted? Examine your reactions to help control your behavior.

For more information on tech distractions see our CEO’s article on


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