Respons-Ability Online Certification Program

REC is an online training program that will prepare you to implement digital citizenship elements and principles in your classroom and beyond.

Want to change the culture around technology in your organization? Take our digital citizenship educator training. We bring our experience working thousands of hours with students into this hands-on professional development. And it’s offered in-person or online! Schedule a one-on-one online product demo to see the intuitive and thorough structure of this certification training.

This training will prepare educators with implementing digital citizenship elements and principles in their classroom and beyond. We utilize ISTE Standards and SEL framework from CASEL. Completing these classes provides professional and continuing education hours and a certificate for those hours is available in partnership with Utah Valley University for an additional fee.

There is an educator booklet (approx. 60 pages) that goes along with all the topics . This informational workbook encourages reflection and taking the lessons beyond the classroom.

The booklet is an optional inclusion:
$20 per copy
OR $15 per copy when you order 50 or more

Our programs and trainings are covered under many school safety and anti-bullying grants, as well as COVID-relief funds. Contact us to see what’s available in your area.


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Virtual Training Access for your school's educators

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Topics in the course:

What is Digital Citizenship?

Learn about the nine different elements of digital citizenship and the history of this multi-disciplinary field.

Knowledge Assessment

Understand the framework and standards of digital citizenship and test your own knowledge.

Technology Trends

Discuss how technology trends affect young people and how we should teach digital citizenship.

Gamification and Experiential Learning

Know how the teaching models of gamification and experiential learning can be applied to teaching digital citizenship.

Prevention Science and Technology

Understand prevention science and its framework to help prevent unhealth...

Online Communication

Discuss the best ways to communicate online and digital etiquette.

Teaching Digital Safety and Ethics

Know the dangers on the Internet, trends and how to stay safe and private online.

Healthy Limits around Technology

Learn how to encourage self-efficacy in young people so they set their own limits and boundaries.

Digital Commerce; College & Career Prep

Discuss fintech trends, financial scams and what young people need to know to apply for jobs and colleges online.

Other Digital Citizenship Concepts

Understand the digital law and digital rights and responsibilities.

Digital Citizenship Testing Tools

Learn strategies and resources to test both you and your student’s knowledge of digital citizenship.

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“The digital world is becoming more complex and the stakes are getting higher by the day. Having [Digital Respons-Ability] work with teachers and students is a great way to stay up to date and work through the challenges.

Keeping up to date with technology is difficult, and understanding the impacts can be even more challenging. [Digital Respons-Ability] is a great resource for schools, teachers, students, and parents to gain actionable insights into the fast moving online world. 

-Robert Warren, American Academy of Innovation

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