Digital Respons-Ability

Digital Citizenship to Refugees and Immigrants

We often look at the younger generations as the ones among us with the most knowledge about technology. In the refugee and immigrant communities around us, this remains the same, and perhaps moreso. Isolated in a new community, technology is often their only source of connection to their family and friends. This fact alone makes it vital that we ensure our immigrant and refugee communities are receiving enough education on digital citizenship.

Teaching digital communication

Elementary class at the Refugee Education and Technology Center

In our experience, the children have more access and feel more comfortable around technology. When we teach them, they in turn teach their parents and older relatives. Educating the children in effect educates the adults and speeds up the process of integration into their local community. Since early 2018 we have been working with student refugees at the Refugee Education and Training Center. We are expanding that work and are excited to share that we’ve started teen and elementary programs with Promise South Salt Lake this fall. It’s a wonderful partnership! Learn more about Promise HERE.

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