Digital Respons-Ability

Connecting parents and children with tech in a healthy way

It’s all over the news lately that technology and social media are taking over the lives of parents and children. “Delete social media” has become a popular mantra of late and it’s easy to see why. Social media has become society’s first choice in connecting with each other, for better or for worse, and this can feel scary and intimidating with so much advancement and information coming faster than our brains can fully comprehend it.

Let’s not forget that technology is best used as a tool. And like most tools, it is extremely useful when used appropriately.

Technology has improved to the point that parents and teachers can communicate with each other on their own timetables any time something comes up. It helps parents teach their children how to identify letters, numbers, research complicated math problems and more. Children use it to communicate with their parents and friends. At any given moment, you can see where your child is if their phone is on.

Now with all of this we can see that it’s easy to start using technology for every little thing. Older children find their smart phone an easy tool to use to block out their parents and siblings, and vice versa with parents blocking out their children and spouse, both parties reaching for their friends or apps.

We humans are looking for connection. It can easily be found visiting various Facebook groups with people we think similarly to, or a Reddit stream others who love our favorite hobby, but nothing quite compares to the connection we can make with those around us. Create that connection with your children by going on social media apps withthem, make silly YouTube videos together, or download some trivia apps with topics they are interested in.

Technology can just as easily drive us together as it can drive us apart. With some healthy boundaries and an effort to include those around us, we can take advantage of all the good that comes of these really cool new tools.

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