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Our Founder, Carrie Rogers-Whitehead, wrote Digital Citizenship: Teaching Strategies and Practice from the Field with Rowman & Littlefield. This book contains Digital Respons-Ability’s research, teaching strategies, curriculum ideas and practical advice for educators.

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“Digital citizenship is a dynamic and multidisciplinary field. Early works on this topic have concentrated on political and economic impacts, emphasizing the fact that becoming a digital citizen is essential for adults as citizens and in the workplace. Works on digital citizenship for educators, meanwhile, have often focused on cyber bullying, security, fear, and safety issues. Digital Citizenship goes beyond those basics to delineate how educators can help students embrace the positive side of digital literacy and citizenship to teach them about sharing and how to use technology creatively. This work offers an overview of digital citizenship past and present, along with teaching tips related to technology trends, digital communication, media literacy, safety, security, health, law, digital rights, and digital equity. With K-12 educators as its intended audience, the book includes lesson plans, photos, and illustrations throughout, and classroom activities are included in the appendixes. Readers can delve deeper into the subject matter by following up with the extensive reference list at the end of the book. Educators can find similar material in Mike Ribble’s Digital Citizenship in Schools (2007).”

–S. A. Ariew, University of South Florida

Summing Up: Recommended. All readership levels.


“‘Digital Citizenship’ is filled with strategies that teachers and parents can use to demonstrate and guide students toward appropriate behaviors without sacrificing the authenticity of the learning experience.” — CEO World Magazine