Becoming a Digital Parent

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“As an expert on technology, online safety, education, and parenting, Carrie exhibits authority that empowers her in preparing parents with practical tools for approaching technology effectively. The content of the book is based on Digital Respons-Ability’s research, hundreds of hours working with parents, and thousands of hours working with students. But Carrie’s voice and character offers more than that; as a devoted mother and community advocate, she exudes personability that enables her to alleviate parents’ fears of unknown territory. She produces ideas that are credible as well as accessible and writing that is academic and yet commercial… Carrie’s book for parents, clearly, is not a singular branch off her usual course, rather the foundation for an ongoing and supportive sub-community for modern parenting.” – Ernest Hamilton, Parent Herald

Learn more about tech and:
developmental stages
bed time
screen time
digital identities, and more!

“This book covers a wealth of topics that will help digital parents raise their children safely and responsibly.” – Joseph Climer, ACSA Scene

Becoming a Digital Parent: A Practical Guide to Help Families Navigate Technology is a practical, readable guide that will help all parents have confidence to successfully navigate technology with their children.

As the perfect companion for your study of the 3M’s of Digital Parenting, this book will show parents how to communicate better with their children, create a family technology plan, put in place intervention strategies when things happen, and take advantage of the benefits technology can afford us.

Becoming a Digital Parent is ideal for all parents looking to effectively navigate the technological world, and the range of professionals who work with them.

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