Who We Are

What We Do

Digital Respons-Ability is a mission-based company researching and working in the area of digital citizenship. Digital Respons-Ability believes in a prevention science approach to preventing unhealthy online behavior that involves the individual, family and community. We work to educate and empower students, educators and parents. Our student classes and summer camps are a deep dive into digital citizenship that teach students how to communicate online, regulate their emotions, understand digital law and help students become better people online. We also teach educators on how to teach digital citizenship in partnership with Utah Valley University. Our training provides professional development and continuing education units and can benefit anyone who works with youth and technology. We educate and train parents on how to parent around technology through group classes and one-on-one consulting.

Our Research

Digital Respons-Ability believes strongly in a research-based prevention science approach to technology and human behavior. Data collected from participants in our workshops find that students feel safer and more interested in STEM careers. We have published in the International Society for Technology in Education with more articles forthcoming. Digital citizenship is a new and growing issue and we are proud to be leading out with our work that will be published in Digital Citizenship in Schools: Strategies and Practice from the Field coming out with Rowman and Littlefield in Fall 2019.

Jobs with Digital Respons-Ability

We are hiring a part-time Marketing Specialist in August 2018. Digital Response-Ability Marketing Specialist